The Spice Gal, LLC Is not just your average Spice company. A few years ago I set out on a weight loss journey (Haven't we all?) but this time it was different, I worked with some amazing Doctors who changed my life by being caring and involved. Now I know all of our Doctors in life are supposed to be caring and involved but this was different, these docs weren't just out to make money and prescribe me pills to FIX anything. They became friends and I'll never forget the day one of them gave me his personal cell number and said something to the tune of "I'm with you every step" and he wasn't lying, he would text to check up on my progress and promptly respond to any questions about the weight loss journey I was on through his office, I quickly became friends with his amazing wife who was also on the same journey as me. Long story short this program taught me about fueling my body with clean real food and how I can remedy just about any problem my body comes across with nature and food. Thus started my love affair with cooking and a Facebook page called Nutrigal806 that I started where people in the same program as myself could all talk Food, Recipes and help each other along with the program.

Two years later I had people asking about all the blends I mix in all my live cooking videos and you tube videos and I finally took the leap to working in a commercial kitchen and getting licensed to manufacture my own blends. Its been a long road to get here but I believe its where God has led me and I want to continue our healthy organic lifestyle and share that with the world.  So as you will see when looking at our spice line it is all organic . We source all of our Organic herbs and spices through a company that prides itself in being one of the top suppliers of organic ingredients in the world.

Below is their statement on Organics :

Dedicated to Organics

“Organic” isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of life for us and guides how we do business. We are proud of our organic commitment, which declares that no conventionally grown herb, spice, or tea will enter our facilities. As the first company in the herbal industry to take this bold stand, we remain the only one with a strict organic emphasis to this very day. We believe that when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our communities, organics should be the first and only choice.

When we review plant materials, contract with our family of farmers, or review harvesting sites, we always take the health of our customers and the environment into serious consideration. The benefits of supporting the organic movement and moving toward an organic lifestyle are immeasurable.

Here are the issues we believe are the most crucial for our society and the business community to tackle today. For food, family, and future, we encourage you to be passionately organic!


Healthy Soil

Soil requires a symbiotic relationship with everything around, above, and below it, and when this relationship is harmed through chemical means, everything is altered.

Organic farming methods often involve more labor, but take far less of a toll on the environment through soil building, crop rotation, careful harvesting, assimilation of the local environment, and composting. Conventional non-organic agricultural methods require large amounts of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, which are directly sprayed on the crops or injected into the ground. This practice destroys billions of life forms found in a simple handful of soil, stripping the land of the essential building blocks of life.


GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms

In addition to offering an extensive selection of certified organic herbal goods, we are also Non-GMO Project verified! The products that have been chosen for this verification are produced from plant crops that are known to be at risk of GMO contamination.

Thankfully, most herbs and spices are not in danger of industrial genetic modification, so organic certification is our go-to for insuring that our herbal goodies are grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seed stock, or irradiation. Taking this commitment one step further, we also have products verified through the Non-GMO Project!

What’s the deal with GMOs? Conventional farms not using organic methods may use genetically modified seeds that are engineered to be pest resistant and easily grown in poor soil. Genetic engineering is an experimental practice, so we don’t yet know the full impact of growing these plants, but the rise of new “superweeds,” more resilient pests, and diseases have been reported. There are other fears that GMO crops can harm non-target species such as insects, birds, bats, and animals that forage from these conventional farms.



As fear continues to grow over the long-term health effects of GMOs, more and more consumers fight for their right to know what’s in their food. Without thorough testing, the safety of genetically modified food is unnervingly questionable. The limited safety tests that are currently in place are often conducted by the very companies that use GMO ingredients. This reason alone illustrates the importance of transparency. Did you know that Certified Organic means non-GMO? Look for products that are certified through the USDA’s National Organic Program and certifiers like Oregon Tilth, as well as the Non-GMO Project, to help you avoid GMOs in the products you buy.