Aussie Summer BBQ 2.5oz
Aussie Summer BBQ 2.5oz

Aussie Summer BBQ 2.5oz

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Aussie Summer BBQ is a sweet slightly smokey BBQ blend
that is amazing on all kinds of meats, fish and seafood, as well as on grilled veggies. I like to pre cook meat with this seasoning and use the meat throughout the week cold in salads for lunches. It is the perfect blend to add that little something different to an ordinary salad. Due to the slightly sweet nature of this BBQ blend it also compliments dishes that include fruits.


Organic Coriander
Organic Sweet Paprika
Organic Chili powder
Organic Chili flakes
Organic Black pepper
Organic Parsley
Organic Cinnamon
Organic Smokey paprika
Himalayan Pink salt