Warm Winter Chili 5.0oz
Warm Winter Chili 5.0oz

Warm Winter Chili 5.0oz

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This Blend is great for those cold fall/winter days where you need comfort food. As well as using this in making chili, i also use it in soups, muffins, beans, on baked potato, in cauliflower rice etc.
1lb of ground meat (beef, bison, chicken)

1can of Muir glenn fire roasted diced tomatoes
One 8oz can/box of pacific brand (there's no bad stuff in this brand) chicken stock
1 1/2 tablespoons of Warm Winter Chili blend and 1/4cup diced onions if you like (garnish)
Brown meat on stove top
Add onion and the rest of ingredients and then let simmer for 30or so minutes and split into 4 servings.
You could serve this over mashed cauliflower or steamed shredded cabbage and it's amazing!!!

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